I am so honoured to invite you to my studio space, and to introduce you to my team of Pilates movement specialists. We look forward to meeting you, and to embark on a wonderful Pilates journey with you. 


" We teach Pilates. We encourage positive movement patterns, and we teach core strength and active flexibility.

Every movement has a purpose, and every muscle, a focus and energy line.

Pilates continues to charge my life, let me share my Pilates experience and passion with you."

Lillian Beales | Studio Owner.

BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor & Legacy Graduate.

Buteyko Breath work Instructor Student.

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At BASI Pilates Studio, Gold Coast, our goal is to change lives through the art and science of Pilates.

We are a full-service Pilates studio, offering a range of Pilates classes, and Private or Duet Pilates appointments to our community.

With a bright welcoming space, and friendly staff, BASI Pilates Studio is the perfect place for new clients to discover their fitness goals. 

Our instructors have gone through the BASI Pilates teacher training program, or equivalent, and teach consistently thorough, well-rounded sessions to ensure our clients receive a balanced, safe, full-body workout.

Contact us today to enquire further, or visit during our Studio Open House, every Friday 11h00-12h00

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" It’s all about supporting my clients to live their best life. To help them to feel energised and alive; to achieve their goals; and to feel strong and happy in their mind and body. "


Marcelle Masera | Romana Pilates Qualified.

    MEET OUR TEAM | yoga & pilates INSTRUCTOR

    " Yoga is not just about practising the movements (asanas), it is a way of life.

    Come join me on the mat, and let me show you the beauty of Yoga."

    Carla Mochko | BASI Mat & Hatha Qualified.