Home of the Bend Balance Wheel

Made from 100% recycled plastic (high density polyethylene) including a QA requirement of a minimum of 95% food grade containers (almost entirely from household collected post-consumer milk & orange juice grade bottles).
Keeping it otherwise out of landfill!!
Cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree; it grows mainly in the Mediterranean with a life span of about 200 years. Each cork tree lives to est 25 years before it can provide its first harvest of cork. After extracting the cork a new layer starts generating. The cork harvesting does not harm the tree as it is never cut down or removed.
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All packaging is Australian made, and sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled grey/brown paper.
We use Soy based ink for inhouse hand stamping, the ink is sustainably made and long lasting.
Our focus is to support local, reduce waste, and encourage recycling.

THE WHEEL CORE | Australian Recycled Domestic Plastic Bottles

THE COMFORT ZONE | Ethically Sourced Natural Cork

THE PACKAGING | Local Recycled Card, Natural Ink & Rubber Stamp


Hand Crafted | Recycled Materials | Inspired by Movement

Stay tuned...Lillian Beales is excited to bring you inspired, locally sourced, in house crafted props to compliment your Pilates and Yoga practise.

Watch this space!!