How the "BEND Wheel" was created!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Well the Bend Wheel to be exact ;)

It all began in 2014 with an idea!

My family and I were living in South Africa, I was well on my way to eagerly learning about my BASI Pilates journey. Studying at the Tash B Pilates studio in Ballito, learning a movement form I fell instantly involve with. And all the while discovering many many interesting things about my own body and the habits that I had adopted over the years.

One of these life habits weren't the best for the strength of my lower back. After 2 wonderful children and years of not really paying attention to basic posture principles and priorities, I had developed over time an imbalance and weakness that I was determined to immediately rehabilitate and do my best to rectify.

I needed something at home that I could move on everyday that was mobile, functional and easy to store and use. I stumbled across an idea that showed potential to help me in the areas that I was searching for, working my spine in extension and allowing me to practice equipment pilates movements with its flowing capabilities...

The WHEEL had it all!

There was much excitement in the Beales house! Well, for me there really was, everyone didn't quite know what I was thinking and how I was going to achieve it, not yet anyway. But I was about to bust thinking of what I could do with a wheel, and the possibilities were bubbling.

My husband and I set out to find local materials we could use to create this wheel.

I used my pilates experience to decide the width of the surface of the wheel. As well as the diameter that would support most length bodies, and the pilates movements I intended to practice on it.

I am so grateful everyday for the amazing husband I get to spend my life with. Every aspect of our lives he whole heartedly gives to support myself and our children. He helped me craft the wheel into what it is. With a little creativity to ensure comfort of use and to create a unique style, as well as many many other tried and tested tweeks, that eventually allowed us in 2015 to decidedly market and successfully sell our Wheel as the "Bend Balance Wheel."

Thanks to family and teamwork, we were all now doing the happy dance!! Vision achieved, yay.

We had such a great response to our product, and orders were piling up. I soon got mail expressing such excitement for the wheel, and South Africa soon wanted workshops and classes that could inspire them to move on their wheels at home.

I took great pride in designing Wheel Classes and Workshops to suite everyone, with the goal to inspire users to get creative and move on their wheels and discover the challenges and endless possibilities using them.

I thoroughly enjoyed traveling South Africa, bringing Wheel Workshops to amazing host studios. I met many beautiful like minded people that I hope to see again, all the while learning so much as an instructor, and also about myself.

If I can inspire one person to experience the benefits of practicing Pilates, and one person to be creative using their Wheels, then my heart is full of gratitude for the journey I am on, and for the people that I get to experience this all with.

In 2018 I would never have guessed, that this already amazing Wheel and Pilates journey would get even better!

BASI Pilates South Africa asked me to present a Wheel Class and a Wheel Workshop at the prestigious LFTL 2018 Pilates Convention (Learn From the Leaders) in South Africa's Capital in Pretoria.

What an incredibly amazing and rewarding experience it was, something I will always be so grateful for and remember for my whole life.

The success of the Bend Wheel and my Wheel workshops, is all in thanks to my family for their continued support and love, and to my BASI family who have ignited a passion in me that I never knew existed.

Over the years I have had many requests to sell my wheels internationally, and I have dreamed of presenting my Wheel Workshops around the globe. Its truly incredible that now in 2019 my family and I have immigrated to the Gold Coast in Australia, and I am so thrilled for the possibilities that now lie ahead.

How does the saying go? "Life is what happens when you are making other plans."

That's for sure!

"Amazing things happen when you keep it real, keep it humble, and keep passion as your guide." xxx

Wishing you the best day ever everyone, thanks for stopping by.



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