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BASI Pilates, what is BASI Pilates, and what is BASI Pilates to me?

I graduated the BASI Comprehensive Pilates course in 2014, and continued my education with various workshops and courses over the next few years.I also designed and launched my own Pilates prop in 2015, which was an amazing stepping stone to get invited to Teach and Present at the BASI LFTL 2018 in South Africa, an incredible experience that I will never forget. In 2018 I also completed the BASI Mentor Course of the Legacy program, which I endeavour to complete. As for this year, 2019, it has been a year of new beginnings and refined focus in all things Family, Pilates & BASI.

I have been living on the Gold Coast now, with my family for just over 9 months.

And no matter the rollercoaster of emotions one entertains, through a life changing family immigration process, there is always time for Pilates.

While we have been here, I have attended many various Pilates classes, searching for my place, searching to find some pilates inspiration. I have worked in a couple Pilates studios for a short while as well, with some incredibly wonderful therapists and professionals. I have taught my own clients before establishing my own studio and even now in my new IMBALI Pilates studio here in Elanora on the beautiful Gold Coast.

And through all the people I have met along the way, only one of them knew what BASI was all about and a few of them had heard about BASI. This got me downhearted at first, as I firstly really wanted to attend a BASI class, I was craving it, for a bit of familiarity and for the way a BASI Pilates class is structured and focused as well. I was also looking for my BASI family.

Even so, I decided that accepting to give these Pilates classes I attended a chance, to experience what was on offer and appreciate the time and effort given from each instructor. Pilates is beautiful and its a precious time we all need to value for ourselves. Pilates is well loved here on the Gold Coast, and I do wish to represent BASI Pilates as best I can, for its value and community. This will be my mission...

I would LOVE everyone who is in the Pilates industry, or following a Pilates journey in any way to know SO much more about BASI Pilates, what is represents and how it can change lives.

BASI stands for Body Arts and Science International. It couldn't be more accurate in description. is where you will find BASI Head Quarters, all you need to do is speak to anyone studying to be a BASI Pilates Instructor, or is a BASI Pilates Graduate, or is one of the inspiring BASI Pilates Faculty all around the world, to know what BASI is all about...Family!

Instructors invest in the BASI Pilates platform to enrich their knowledge of movement, Pilates training and most of all, to deliver a quality of Pilates that every client will thrive on.

As a client, rest assured that you can trust your instructor, and as an instructor you can be confident to keep driving your passion to ever evolving heights.

I am both, client and instructor. Any client I have had the privilege to teach, knows exactly where my respect for Pilates comes from, and thats the family that is BASI. All you need to do is read for yourself about the Founder of BASI Pilates, Rael Isacowitz, to understand why BASI is a revolutionary Pilates Platform to be educated by. Rael is an incredibly driven person, this is evident in the passion he places in Pilates and the care and attention to detail he has created within the Pilates Courses that are provided.

For me, I feel that I personally benefit from continuing my BASI Pilates education, its not something one could thrive on as a one off experience, the key is to evolve, to be creative, to keep learning and to reach out and change lives.

So if you have not heard of BASI Pilates before now, you have read it precisely 32 times right here, and I hope you reach out and enquire further, whether it be to find a BASI Pilates studio to attend the best Pilates session of your life, or whether you wish to become BASI and start an incredible journey to becoming a BASI Pilates Instructor. Either way, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Be proud of who you are, of who you represent and of who you inspire :)



BASI Comprehensive & Mentor Graduate.

{Elanora, GC, Australia}

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