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Lauren M

Lillian is lovely, and very knowledgeable, studio is beautiful and small classes mean you get a lot of one-on-one instruction.

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Jeanine Z

Lillian is a phenomenal instructor. Passionate and caring with attention to detail that causes all lazy muscles to wake up. Beautiful studio with state of the art equipment. Feel worked and rejuvenated after every session.

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Arisa I

WOW!! After being under Lillian's incredible instruction for 2 years now, her watchful eyes and the ways she masterfully adjusts my posture with every single exercise, never ceases to amaze me!! And all for my maximum healing benefit.

Dianne L.jpg

Dianne L

These ladies give the word ‘individual attention to detail’ a new meaning. I highly recommend the BASI classes to new kids on the block and those who want to take their existing skills up a notch. Thank you for coming into my life!

Lill L.jpg

Lill L

I’ve had a bad back for years and Lillian has taken such great care of me throughout my whole pregnancy, and I've had no back problems at all, 100% recommend.

Kristi R.jpg

Kristie R

Absolutely love this class. Lillian guides me perfectly throughout the class.

She is incredibly informative and knows how to fix problem areas. Highly recommend!

Jane C.jpg

Jane C

Lillian had us doing wonderful stretching exercises that helped iron out the creases in my body, as well as “feeling the burn”. I am not a lover of exercise by any means but classes with Lill always bring a smile to my face and make me feel stronger and more flexible afterwards.

Jac Q.jpg

Jac Q

Fantastic, love my classes with Lillian!

Classes always offer variety and are such fun.

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Melissa H

Have been coming to the studio for 6 months and have noticed so much improvement in my running, flexibility and posture. Can highly recommend any class at the studio.

Terrie D.jpg

Terrie D

I am so happy I crossed paths with Lillian , I feel energised and strong after every class , so nice to do pilates as it was meant to be done.

Dane B.jpg

Dane B

An amazing class with an incredible instructor (Lillian) that made us engage in the class the whole time. It was so worth it!

Lisa A.jpg

Lisa A

Lillian is the most incredible human. With her innate understanding and knowledge of the human body, and her passion for Pilates and her clients, makes sessions with her life changing. She has a unique ability to create classes that shift and nourish the body, mind and soul.

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Katy G

BASI Pilates is an awesome space for you to really define your practise and ensure you are exercising correctly. I’ve loved my sessions with Lillian, mat and reformer. I would highly recommend trying this studio out.

Pam M.jpg

Pam M

Thank you Lillian for another great class, I always walk out of your studio feeling stronger & energised. 

Jo W.jpg

Jo W

Sublime small classes with a compassionate and thoughtful instructor. Lillian has me hooked on pilates, thanks Lillian for your patience and kindness.

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